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    PPC Search Advertising Services

    Tech Zenon provides paid search advertising services around the world. We serve for the clients in USA, UK, India, New Zealand, Australia and several other parts of the world.

    SEM stands for search engine marketing where you buy traffic through paid search listings or on search engines. Consider the fact that approximately 67% of consumers use search engines in their product and services research, which leads to sales. The search ads provide immediate results to the customer websites.

    Search advertising makes you visible online in the form of text and images. Search engine marketing consists of many services such as Google Ads, Bing Ads, Pinterest Ads, Amazon advertising and more. Tech Zenon provides complete support for SEM and make sure that your ads reach out to the right audience to get you more returns.

    Our Search PPC Strategic Audit Includes

    Keyword Analysis

    In every Google Advertising marketing campaign, it is important to consider the right keywords for its success. Our experienced team of professionals performs a detailed analysis of the existing keywords and also offers other relevant terms to improve campaign quality score that will help to improve Ads ranking and decrease cost per click.

    Quality Score Analysis

    At the initial stage, we are going to review the overall quality score of the pay per click marketing campaigns by taking ad relevance and page success rates. Utilizing this data, we will pivot the strategy to enhance the quality of results.

    Ad Copy Analysis

    The quality of Ad-composition will have a significant impact on the results. We are going to check at the copy of every ad that you are running to ensure optimal effectiveness. Having more than one Ads in one Ad group will help to check which ads is performing good at low cost per click.

    Click-Through Rate

    Our digital team will measure your CTR because if your CTR is low, you could be losing ground to competitors.

    Landing Page Optimization

    Generally, the more landing pages you have, the more targeted your messaging can be. The PPC search campaign audit makes sure you have enough landing pages to match up against competitors and to reduce cost per click.

    Wasted Spend

    While implementing a pay per click management service, a lot of people waste their money unnecessarily on irrelevant keywords. Here is where our professionals come in. We value your investment and thus we have a team to evaluate the prior investments and help you sort out the best strategies to make the best use of your money.