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    Content Management System

    Dynamic websites are in trend now days as these websites are more helpful than static websites to manage Content and images available on website. The layout of the internal pages can be designed easily.

    Dynamic websites can be developed on Joomla, Word press, ASP.NET and other CMS platforms or can be developed on core coding as well like PHP. Such type of websites is more suitable for corporate who needs data driven websites and details about their products/services and keep changing all the time. Desired content of website can be change from admin panel of the website easily available on the website. Website design and function should be so simple so that customers can easily navigate the website. Dynamic sites are database oriented which keeps your data safe and secure.

    Factors which we keep in our mind while developing Dynamic websites:-

    1. Easy Navigation for website
    2. Easy Database Designing
    3. Easy Admin panel Management
    4. Browser Compatibility
    5. Search Engine Friendly Navigation
    6. Mobile Friendly
    7. Transforming Your Technology
    8. High Performance And Scalability

    We serve our clients with scalable content management system service for handling their data which is also highly reliable. Tech Zenon is a professional CMS Development agency you can trust.

    Easy To Use

    Our solutions are very easy and we provide a brief report (weekly) on accessing our designed service. Our expertise focuses more on increasing response time.

    Online Marketing Tools

    Our solutions are optimized and customer-centric. We deliver an integrated solution for our clients. The loading time severely affects the working of the website.

    Website Speed Optimisation

    Do you know 45% of your website’s visitors will abandon your site if it takes longer than 4 seconds to load? Imagine you are running ad campaigns on your website, you will be losing 45% of your ad budget if it loads longer than the ones from your competitors.

    That is why website loading speed is essential for better user experience, no matter how beautifully your website is designed. Aside from optimising your website loading speed, we will be sharing best practices with you to keep your website clean and speedy.